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Winter is coming!

Whilst October has been a challenging month for spotting the dolphins, the other wildlife has come out in full force as the temperatures begin to drop. We have had multiple sightings of our White-tail sea eagle, lots of porpoise activity including a mother and calf who circled our RIB for a while. Just when you think porpoise can’t get any smaller they have a calf only 60cm long! The grey seals are preparing themselves for pupping season so shortly we’ll start seeing the young ones around on the sand banks and the common seals are busy putting on extra layers of fat to survive the harsh winters up here. We’ve been watching the juvenile gannets hard at work perfecting their diving techniques in the waters around the Kessock bridge and we’ve had guillemots and razor bills head all the way into the marina seeking some shelter from the windy conditions further out in the firth. Hopefully as the herring start to make their way into the firth the dolphins will come with them but for now we’ve been taking the time to enjoy the other marine life and wildlife we see in the firth.

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