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We’re back and so are the dolphins!

We had such a great start to our season! With the discounted tickets for locals, our boats were full and the sunshine was out on our first day of 2023. Mischief was lucky enough to see dolphins out by Fort George and sat a distance off whilst Bonnie showed us her refined hunting skills, catching a salmon. Spirit headed out under the bridge in beautiful conditions and were lucky enough to see an otter! Spirit is no longer a wildlife watching trip but we don’t run away from it when it does pop up!

And the dolphins were back the next day too with Bonnie and her calf messing around under and around our boat. Such calm waters allowed for great spotting conditions so many seals were spotted bobbing in the water around Whiteness sands.

A fantastic start to the week and a great way to begin the 2023 season! Follow along with our blogs for more updates on what’s going on.

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