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Meet the Team – John

a group of people on a boat in the water

From Sailboats to RIBs!
Moving on with the Meet the Team segment of the blog, we come to another of the Mischief skippers, John! Some of the more boaty folk around the marina and in the sailing community may already be familiar with John, as he headed up his own sail school before joining us! Since coming aboard Mischief, John has found himself going from teacher to student, but it won’t be over-long until he’s back top of the class again! He’s a superb and capable skipper, and is also very communicative about what they see on the trips. He’s full of questions too, always on the look out for interesting sightings and wondering what the behaviour of the dolphins means. He’s taken his behavioural studies a step further, helping him to produce the most dolphin-friendly trips possible by analysing the movements of the dolphins and how they are reacting. At Dolphin Spirit, this is exactly what we love to see from our skippers, and it’s been an absolute pleasure having John with us; I’m sure the passengers are enjoying his knowledge and keen attitude too!

A Retirement Hobby
Like the rest of our Mischief crew, John took up working on the RIB as something different from the work he was doing before. John has been around boats for quite some time, so for us, it was a simple choice to ask him to come aboard and thankfully he agreed! He’s made great friends with the rest of the crew, and is so proactive in the job, throwing out ideas and giving feedback where possible to help us all improve the operation. Mischief’s first year is a learning curve for us all, but a curve that is all taken in stride it seems! When not on the boat, John may still be found around the marina working on his boat, or out on the water enjoying some recreational time at sea. John and our previously featured skipper Gus even took a mini-break on the West coast for some R&R and practice too!

John will guarantee you not just a fun experience, but an educational one too! Maybe he’ll be skippering you on your next Mischief experience, so why not come aboard and meet him for yourself?