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Fantastic 4!

two dolphins swimming in a body of water

A Full Day with Dolphins!
After the quiet of yesterday, Dolphin Spirit was subject to a real treat today with every trip lucky enough to see our locals! It started off in the morning, with Kesslet and Charlie being the early risers, arriving first thing to take advantage of the tides and the influx of salmon. It wouldn’t be long until the first was caught either, with Kesslet scoffing her first of the day in her usual, rather grotesque, style. Dolphin Spirit caught up with them at 10am, and was subject to a bit of play after breakfast too! At 12pm, they found them again, but this time, not alone! Scoopy had come down for the afternoon too (almost as if predicted if you read yesterday’s blog!), and as usual, was stuck to Kesslet’s side like glue. That being said, Kesslet doesn’t seem to mind; Scoopy is a fantastic hunter, much like herself, and when it comes to catching the biggies out near the river, two bottlenoses are better than one, and Kesslet always seems to be the one coming out of it all with the fish!

Afternoon Shenanigans
The two little lovebirds were not the only successful hunters in the firth this afternoon, as Charlie was also proudly showing around his catch of the day, and not just to Dolphin Spirit either! As passengers aboard Mischief soon found out, Charlie’s body isn’t the only big thing about him; he has a bit of an ego to match! He came right alongside the RIB, head-on to the side, and coughed up his catch for all to see! As quick as a flash, he was off again with it, almost certainly to swallow it before any quick thinking passengers thought to reach down and take it off him! Charlie wasn’t the only showboating dolphin to make an appearance for Mischief either, as an older individual of the Moray Firth population was also spotted for the first time; the grand old lady of the sea, Jigsaw! Possibly one of the oldest dolphins still in the firth, Jigsaw’s distinctive white-bordered fin makes her stand out, and her acrobatics tend to belie her age. It was lovely to come across her, and see her still looking well! Back in the Beauly Firth, the gruesome threesome sat around doing pretty much just hunting for the whole afternoon, until 4pm, when Kesslet made her presence felt right at the end of the trip. She came right up to the side of the boat, guiding the boat into the marina, before leaving to head off upriver for her evening snack. As you can imagine, guide Sue’s face was a picture after such a fantastic day, and it was quite the birthday gift for second man Andy, who turns 53 today! Happy birthday Andy, we hope our surprise dolphin party made your day!