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Chronicles of Kesslet and Charlie

a small animal in a body of water

The Blog is Back!
For regular readers, my apologies for not keeping up with your daily dose of Dolphin Spirit dolphins and digest; your blogger has been away celebrating her birthday, but is back now to catch up and keep you informed! The usual gruesome twosome have been chopping and changing over the past of couple days between the Kessock Channel and Chanonry Point; it’s been quite hard to predict where they would be one day from the next! Thankfully, wherever they’ve been, either Mischief or Spirit has managed to catch up with them, and observe their antics. On the 12th, they were up at the Point from the early morning. Unsurprisingly, Kesslet was spotted with a nice hearty salmon mushed up between her jaws, sitting in the slipstream just off the point itself. Charlie on the other hand, was making some fun of his own, bouncing around with some of the others in the area, at times including his mum. They moved further in land around high tide, once the fun and games were over. Thankfully, that was their latest almost-full day visit to the point in recent days, and yesterday, the pair and pal Scoopy returned to the Channel.

Lucky 13?
Through smatterings of rain, all three of the troublesome trio were spotted, hunting quite actively between the channel itself and the river. Charlie put on quite a show with one of his catches for Spirit’s afternoon passengers, doing short tosses ahead of himself before doing quick, long dives after them. Mum Kesslet was never far away, at times hunting alongside him (and at others on top of him!). Kesslet has really gotten back to her old self in recent weeks, with a fair amount of socialization trips and the incredibly high breaches that she is known for. After her tragedy earlier in the year, Kesslet’s fun-loving side is coming out again, and she’s certainly livening up the channel with her games!

Rain-Rain Go Away!
It’s supposed to be pretty rainy for the rest of this week, and today’s passengers will likely be able to vouch for the horrid downpours that we’ve seen over the past 24 hours! If you’re planning a trip out make sure you bring a jacket; even in the sheltered lower deck of Spirit a bit of horizontal rain might still leak in. You can always keep cozy in the cabin though! For Mischief-makers, make sure to tuck a waterproof jacket underneath your suit; if too much water collects in your lap you might still get a little wet as it will seep through! Don’t let the weather put you off a trip though; rainy conditions are a great way to increase dolphin sightings, as it empties the rivers and encourages the salmon to run! So try your luck, come aboard, and get into the Dolphin Spirit!