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Experience Inverness with Dolphin Spirit & Myhotelbreak

a bird flying over a body of water

Myhotelbreak has created an article for their hotel guests on Dolphin Spirit which you can read below:

What makes a great hotel break in the UK you ask? Well for us it’s staying in a fantastic hotel near to fun and interesting attractions and amenities. Are you thinking of taking a break in Inverness this year? Our guests who are staying in the area should add the Dolphin Spirit attraction to their itinerary when visiting.

Tell us more about Dolphin Spirit?

The Dolphin Spirit adventure gives you the opportunity to see pods of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Moray Firth. When sailing with Dolphin Spirit Inverness you get the chance to see Dolphins in their natural habitat from a unique perspective.

Although not guaranteed to see these beautiful creatures, there’s the chance to see mother dolphins and their calves at the north side of the water North Kessock which is something not everyone gets to see every day.

Find out more about the dolphins and the area in which they inhabit by clicking here.

What vessel do we view the dolphins on?

Dolphin Mischief
a small boat in a body of water





A popular and new addition to the fleet at Dolphin Spirit is the Dolphin Mischief vessel. Looking for something a bit more thrill seeking? This definitely fits the bill. In the 2 hour sailing experience you will go faster and further than the Spirit Cruiser. The two powerful Yamaha engines take you beyond the confines of the Inveress Firth to the Chanonry Point lighthouse, Fort George and to the waters off Ardersier looking for our local dolphins and other marine wildlife.

Find out more on the Mischief trip by clicking here.

To book the Mischief Rib trip click here.

The Moray Firth is full of historical interests in its surroundings. It should be visited while in this part of the country. Find out more here.

We are all for memorable experiences and having the opportunity to see these Bottlenose Dolphins is one of those. For our guests staying in our hotels in Inverness, enjoy the Dolphin Spirit adventure and create memories that will last.