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Bottlenose Dolphins - An Introduction

The dolphins in the Moray Firth are common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).

They live in groups of between 10 and 30 individuals.  These groups are called "pods".

You can find bottlenose dolphins in various locations around the Moray Firth area.  The animals you're visiting when you sail with Dolphin Discovery Inverness are those who live in the waters of the Inner Moray Firth area.  Between the Beauly Firth to the west and Chanonry Point to the east.

This is an area where the dolphins are particularly active.  Or perhaps we just think that because their activity is so close to shore!dolphin-on-water

The Dolphin & Seal Centre is on the north side of the water at North Kessock (just on the other side of the Kessock bridge).  It's a fascinating visit in itself.  One of the features which makes these particular waters so attractive for us as observers is their aparrent use as a nursery for dolphin calfs.  If you're lucky you'll be able to see a mother and calf swimming together.

Speaking of luck, you should note that you're not guaranteed to see any dolphins.  Whilst we do our best to get you as close to known activity as we can, they can sometimes be elusive.  That said, there are plenty species of wildlife in the Moray Firth, so even if you're unlucky and don't see any dolphins on your trip, there's likely to be something else worthy of your attention!