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Worthwhile in All Weather

a large ship in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Scottish Weather Never Guaranteed!
Up here in the north of Scotland, we can almost never predict the weather, and sometimes even the Met Office gets a little confused! “Oh no,” we hear you cry, “but I booked on a day it was meant to be sunny! Now it’s raining!” It’s a very typical scenario, for tourists and locals alike! However, no matter the weather, Dolphin Spirit has got you covered (almost quite literally!)

Sunshine Sailings
While it isn’t known to happen all that often, sunshine can really make a sailing! When the weather is like this and the water is calm, both Spirit and Mischief will be scheduled to run. This is the best opportunity to see the new RIB in her element; cruising over the waves with the sun on your face. Dolphin Spirit’s luxurious upper deck can also make for a perfect sunbathing experience, complete with views for dolphin spotters. Both boats can be really susceptible to the wind, so we recommend at least bringing a jacket aboard Dolphin Spirit, and layering up on Mischief.

a bird swimming in water next to a body of water
Charlie catching a salmon in the River Ness on a grey afternoon

Rainy Rambles
Rain is a very typical weather state for this part of Scotland; being in the west and in a valley, Inverness sees its fair share of wet weather throughout the year. Do not be disheartened if your chosen sailing falls on an unpredictably rainy day! The Dolphin Spirit is complete with sheltered indoor cabin to keep passengers dry, and heaters which can be put on to help keep you toasty too! If you have a weatherproof jacket, standing outside is also generally quite a nice experience; the covered lower deck is often dry in light rain, but slightly stormier weather may see some water getting in. Brave passengers can join their stalwart guide atop the upper deck if they wish, and if planned correctly can even dodge the rain at the sides of the wheelhouse! Again, bring a jacket!
Mischief will run in rain, but even though we provide waterproofs as standard, this can’t always be enough insulation in the colder weather. Bring a few extra layers and a good pair of boots to keep cozy and dry throughout your trip! One bonus of wet weather is that a good spate of rain can flush the rivers of fish, making it a better time to possibly see the dolphins!

Windy Weather
Wind is one of the most common causes of a cancelled sailing here. Generally Dolphin Spirit will run in most conditions; rarely will she be too effected by the weather to stop running. In rough weather she is likely to rock though the waves; we recommend that younger or infirm passengers remain in the cabin during these conditions, and those able to keep themselves steady hold on to a handle or remain seated as much as possible. Mischief, however, is very susceptible to poor weather in this regard. Keep in mind that when you arrive you may be advised to either switch dates, switch your sailing to the cruiser, or be given a full refund in the event of a cancellation. Keep an eye on the weather up until your chosen sailing, and if you have any concerns simply call the office on 07544 800620.

Cancellation Weather
Fog (to the point where the Kessock Bridge isn’t visible from the office), thunderstorms, and very strong wind are the conditions in which neither Dolphin Spirit or Mischief will run. If you have any concerns about the weather on the day of your sailing, please give us a call. Our office staff will advise you as best we can.