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The Moray Firth Dolphin Boat

a boat docked at a dock

Thought you might be interested to see a picture of Dolphin Spirit at her berth in Inverness Marina.

We’ve tried to make access easy for as many visitors as possible. There are no steps to climb. You’ll walk to the boat along the gently inclined ramp access used for the marina itself.

When you get to the boat you’ll find it’s a simple step from the jetty onto the deck, all at the same level. No awkward gangplanks, regardless of the tide and weather conditions.

All very civilized and enjoyable. The cabin is warm, clean, and comfortable and the views of the sea clear for all.

The best part is, as we found out today, you can often see the dolphins right outside the marine entrance! So when you visit, make sure you’ve got your camera ready as soon as the Dolphin Spirit departs!