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Meet the Team – Alan

a man standing on a bridge

Master of Mischief
Today’s Meet the Team segment features a true jack of all trades (and quickly mastering them all!), Alan! Alan started up with Dolphin Spirit for the 2017 season, with the addition of Mischief to the boat roster. He was originally intended to simply work on Mischief, but has become a core part of office staff too! He has quickly become the boat’s overseeing officer; doing all the morning checks, refueling her, checking the lifejackets, signing off all the paperwork, and caring for the passengers onshore before and after their trips (phew, that’s a lot to think about)! Not only that, Alan will be running around the marina most of the day when the boat is out, also helping tend to the needs of the office and Dolphin Spirit too!

Shoreside and Spirit Support!
The first time you spot Alan around the marina you might not notice him, because he will be there and gone again in a flash! First thing in the morning, once Mischief’s checks are done, he will be in the office fixing up the cafe display area and restocking. Once the stock is taken care of, he will be filling the Mischief hot drinks canister in preparation for the first trip of the morning. You’ll see Alan fixed in one spot for the first 10 minutes of the Dolphin Mischief experience, where he helps with the safety brief and aids passengers with clothing and lifejackets. You might realize then that Alan is a very informed fellow, and if you have any questions about the boat or the trip he is very able to put you swiftly to ease. He’ll then be your guide down to the RIB before waving you off on your journey, but that’s not the end of the morning’s work, as Alan will swiftly be off for fuel, or to check on Dolphin Spirit, or muddle around in the office making sure everything is ship-shape! If he’s not waving you off, he will be joining you on the trip; he’s getting to know the dolphins around here very well, and is a dab hand with a camera! He’s also great for morale, with a sense of humour that gets everyone giggling. There’s never a dull moment with him about!

Next time you’re waiting in the marina office for your trip, or out on Mischief, keep an eye out for the flash that is Alan and be sure to give him a wave! He’ll make your next Mischief experience one you will never forget!