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Easy as 1, 2, 3!

a man lying in a body of water

Another Day of Hunting!
It wasn’t quite the 4 out of 4 day enjoyed by yesterday, but a 3 out of 4 day worked out quite well, with a few more close encounters with Kesslet and Charlie! While the 10am was a quiet trip, we were informed shortly before the 12pm by Mischief skipper George that dolphins had been seen in Munlochy Bay. We were keen to hopefully see them too, and after bundling 63 passengers onto the trip, we headed out in search of the incoming fins! We would find them just off Kilmuir, coming in down the coast. Through the waves, they were rather difficult to spot, but skipper Stuart pointed them out, and everyone got a good look at they came alongside then past us on their travels. Fingers remained crossed to see them again near the end of the trip, and thankfully we did! As we headed back in, blown around a bit by a prevailing wind, we spotted the pair close to the harbour end of the river. Kesslet seemed to be ambling around quite happily, while Charlie was a little further away, making some big splashes as he chased down a salmon. We left them to it, unable to stay too long because of the pesky gusts, and headed back to our berth, excitedly hoping that this would be them for the rest of the day!

A Head-On Hello!
As the 2pm trip left the marina, the Mischief was making her way back in early to try and catch up with the double trouble in the river! Between the two vessels was Charlie, bobbing around somewhat confused by his sudden predicament! He chose to come back around into the river, but not without his manners, coming right up and under the bow of the Spirit before heading back upriver to where his mum was sitting. Again, we headed out, while Mischief took a moment to observe. We saw a little bit more of them hunting in the river as we passed by again, but it was clear that the pair were very much focused on their bellies than boats today! At 4pm though, we got a lovely surprise from Kesslet, who was sat outside the marina entrance doing little circles almost as if waiting for us! She came nice and slow up to the front of the boat, allowing passengers and guides to snap plenty of pictures of her beautiful face (like the one above!), before doing as Charlie had done not two hours before. That was the last Spirit would see of the terrible two for the day, but Mischief got a short escort out of the river and back to the marina by Kesslet as they returned from their last trip of the day. So 1 sailing without, 2 happy dolphins later, 3 bustling trips with finned company! A rather successful day; we only hope that the pair may be a bit more social with us once the bigger fish start coming through again!