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Dolphin Spirit


The Largest Dolphin Boat On The Moray Firth

Dolphin Spirit departing marina

"Dolphin Spirit" is the boat to take you onto the waters of the inner Moray Firth to see the dolphin pods.

She is classified as a "Motor Passenger Ferry", which means she is specifically designed to carry people in comfort.  Up to 70 people in fact.  This is important from a conservation point of view.  It means that there is the minimum possible disruption for the dolphins:  There's only one hull in the water, with only one set of propellers.  The engines were selected for their low emissions and are connected to a specially configured low vibration drive train.

From the dolphins' point of view, this is a quiet boat.

At 12.89 metres long and just over 5 metres of beam she's a decent size, which means comfort for you and your party.

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Comfortable Cruising

The spacious cabin is fully carpeted and has upholstered seats.  You'll find the centre seats are raised to ensure the best visibility from within the craft.  Which means everyone has a view, no matter where you choose to sit.

Dolphin Spirit CabinThe cabin windows are double glazed to guard against condensation.

The outside spaces on the main and upper decks give you the opportunity for great views.






Easy "No Step" Ramp Access

Dolphin Spirit access