Dolphin Mischief RIB

FAQs For Dolphin Mischief RIB

An adult ticket costs £39, and a child ticket (ages 10-15) costs £34.  The minimum age for passengers on the RIB is 10.

Booking ahead is essential for the RIB; bookings can be made online or over the phone with our office staff.

Trips last 2 hours, going from the marina, under the Kessock Bridge to Chanonry Point and the seal colonies beyond, then returning to the marina.

From 26th March to 30th June and 1st September to 31st October there are two Dolphin Mischief RIB sailings each day:  Morning sailing departing at 10.30hrs and an afternoon sailing departing at 14.30hrs.

From 1st July through to 31st August Dolphin Mischielf trips are scheduled to depart 3 times a day at 09:30, 12:30, and 15:30.

Trips on the Dolphin Mischief RIB are number and weather dependent.

Dress for cold, damp conditions. Waterproof clothing and safety equipment will be provided for you, but it can get cold and chilly out on the water. Sensible shoes are also recommended, and no shoes with a large or sharp heel will be allowed on board.

There is no running commentary on the trip, however your skipper will stop to point out and talk about several local landmarks throughout the trip and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

While accommodations will be made to take passengers with disabilities, those with reduced movement are not recommended to come aboard. The Dolphin Spirit cruiser is more suitable in this case.

Dogs are not allowed on the RIB unfortunately, but welcome to join passengers on the cruiser.

It is not common for people to get seasick on a RIB due to the air and speed, however should you have concerns or should the water be quite choppy you should take anti-sickness tablets.