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Dolphin Spirit Blog

Dolphin and Marine Wildlife Boat Trips from Inverness Marina

2017 Season’s Spectacles!

An Otter-view

Overall, the 2017 season can be summed up in one word; unpredictable. Whether it was June or September, we could never really tell what we were going to encounter day to day aboard our boats. We had a few surprises, a few frights, and some amazing sightings in-between, all of which will be spoken about in great detail below! If you didn’t get to enjoy the stories the first time around, or weren’t there to see it yourselves, now’s your chance to see what you missed out on!

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Making Mischief!

Dolphins by the Dozen!

Dolphin Mischief had easily the best day of the two boats going out today; with the spectacularly calm and, at times, even sunny weather, it was the perfect day for a mischief-making experience! The 12.30pm trip was the first to go out, and boy was it a doozy! Not only were the lucky passengers joined by expert dolphin 'toggie Charlie Phillips, but they encountered a wonderfully active group of 12 dolphins hunting and playing around Rosemarkie Bay! The huge group of dolphins included a few well known individuals, including locals Kesslet and Charlie themselves. Others getting in on the fun included adoptable dolphin Rainbow and her son Indigo, Zephyr and son, and Moonlight's youngster! Plenty of breaching to be seen, quite close to the boat too, making for some great shots. You can see the pictures Charlie got from the RIB on our Facebook page!

A Mostly Grey Day

The sky clouded over for the afternoon shortly after the return of Mischief to the marina, with smiles all around brightening the dull day anyway! Despite the still calm conditions, the 3.30pm left today with only 2 passengers, though I'm sure they likely would have enjoyed having the boat to themselves, and hopefully catching up with that wild group further out past the point! Seals were also spotted through the day, including a particularly ravenous critter near the Meikle Mee buoy, who spent a good period of time near the surface, gnawing on a fish it had caught. It stuck around for quite some time, even while Mischief hovered about and looked on. As the month passes on we hope the weather will improve some more, and hopefully entice some more passengers to join the RIB for a trip; it seems such a shame to have people missing out when they could come aboard and see all this for themselves! If you've got a case of FOMO reading this, maybe it's time you treated yourself to a Mischief experience all your own!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Here at Dolphin Spirit, we are very conscientious, not just of the dolphins, but of our local community too. We see charity at the core of what we do, whether that's giving free or heavily discounted trips to local organisations, to our own staff getting involved in events to raise money for charities in their own time. One of the charities we support as a company, and who are in turn very important to the work we do, is the WDC, or Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Helping Our Stars

The WDC here do vital work in helping to protect the dolphins and other cetaceans we have in the Moray Firth, by providing them with a voice in rallies and in firth-wide decision-making, raising awareness, and working with other organisations such as Seawatch Foundation, CRRU and BDMLR to help those who may be in need. They also run the Shorewatch program, which has been vital in gathering citizen science sightings data to help track the dolphins and their activities. For us, we used to be able to see this work from our office, at the old North Kessock Seal and Dolphin Centre, which is sadly now closed. However, with Charlie Phillips, WDC's Adopt-a-Dolphin Marine Mammal Field Officer, just over the water on a regular basis, we still get to see the work from time to time. Charlie is always welcome on our boat, so you may see him joining us for photo opportunities. We aim to work very closely with the WDC, and are always asking for advice, to make sure we are doing the right thing. We also want to support them and their work in return, and do so in a number of ways; our donations box on the front desk, charitable donations with the purchase of certain gift-shop items, and we have an adoption of our local girl Kesslet in the works too! 

Gamers For Orcas

The reason for this off-the-cuff blog entry so early this morning, is that blog-writer and guide Krystyna is taking part in the WDC's Gamers for Orcas challenge; doing a 24-hour live stream in aid of the WDC's conservation work, starting around 9am (you can read about it and watch here). Of course we wish her every luck in the endeavor, and hope she reaches her target of £200 soon!