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Dolphin Spirit Blog

Dolphin and Marine Wildlife Boat Trips from Inverness Marina


Our first sailing today has been an incredible success! Although Kesslet made an appearance in the distance it was Charlie who stole the show. Some fantastic photos and videos were captured by our guide of today, Krystyna.

Seals were also spotted by our lucky visitors today; we're keeping an eye out for the harbour seal pup that was born outside Caley Stadium on Friday!

Head over to our Facebook- Dolphin Discovery Inverness- for more images.


Close Encounter

A beautiful photo sent in by a customer who attended our midday sailing aboard the Dolphin Spirit on Saturday the 27th of June.

They were lucky enough to have a close encounter with some of the largest bottlenose dolphins in the world. Despite the dull weather our guests had a fantastic time thanks to our resident dolphins Kesslet and her son Charlie!

Don't let the weather stop you from having an experience like this, our purpose built vessel provides warmth due to its heated indoor cabin, as well as a top deck for some of you who are unphased by those cooler days!

Dolphin Spirit

The Moray Firth Dolphin Boat

Thought you might be interested to see a picture of Dolphin Spirit at her berth in Inverness Marina.

We've tried to make access easy for as many visitors as possible.  There are no steps to climb.  You'll walk to the boat along the gently inclined ramp access used for the marina itself.

When you get to the boat you'll find it's a simple step from the jetty onto the deck, all at the same level.  No awkward gangplanks, regardless of the tide and weather conditions.

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